Cara Hapus footer link di wordpress

Alright, got some time to look into this again and got the links removed.

I’m assuming you already know how to edit files and make backups and FTP files and all of that. If you don’t know how then look it all up because not going to explain here.

Open up footer.php and remove the links you don’t want to show, these links are on line 25.

Open up Themater.php located in the /lib/ folder in the theme folder and comment out or remove line 512.

You’ll also want to move down to line 513 and remove


leaving the other sidebar code stuff in there.

Next open up functions.php and on line 67 remove the code…

function wp_initialize_the_theme_load() { if (!function_exists("wp_initialize_the_theme")) { wp_initialize_the_theme_message(); die; } } function wp_initialize_the_theme_finish() { $uri = strtolower($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]); if(is_admin() || substr_count($uri, "wp-admin") > 0 || substr_count($uri, "wp-login") > 0 ) { /* */ } else { $l = 'Designed by: <a href="">WordPress Themes</a> | Thanks to <a href="">Hostgator Coupon</a>, <a href="">Book of Mormon Broadway</a> and <a href="">Mary Poppins Broadway</a>'; $f = dirname(__file__) . "/footer.php"; $fd = fopen($f, "r"); $c = fread($fd, filesize($f)); $lp = preg_quote($l, "/"); fclose($fd); if ( strpos($c, $l) == 0 || preg_match("/<\!--(.*" . $lp . ".*)-->/si", $c) || preg_match("/<\?php([^\?]+[^>]+" . $lp . ".*)\?>/si", $c) ) { wp_initialize_the_theme_message(); die; } } } wp_initialize_the_theme_finish();

Finally open up header.php and on line 1 remove the code…

<?php function wp_initialize_the_theme() { if (!function_exists("wp_initialize_the_theme_load") || !function_exists("wp_initialize_the_theme_finish")) { wp_initialize_the_theme_message(); die; } } wp_initialize_the_theme(); ?>

Once that is done you should be good to go.

I wouldn’t advise doing this on a live site unless you know what you’re doing. I would suggest making all of the changes at once and then uploading the files to your WP install.